Complete the adoption application. After approval, you may apply a deposit. The deposit may be used to be placed on our waiting list for a future puppy (giving you first priority) or place on the French bulldog you have chosen. If you like you can call Janelle in advance for prior approval. If not she will email you approval and call if she has any additional questions she feels she need to discuss. The deposit to get on the waiting list or to hold a puppy is $500. The deposit to get on the waiting list or to adopt and adult is $250.



If over 8 hours, will you have a dog walker?
2.Do you have children living at home?
Do you have stairs?
Would you like for us to send you information on house training?
7. Have you ever crate trained a pet?
We believe you should crate train all of your animals, just in case of an emergency and they would need to be crated. In the midst of chaos your pets needs to know that they are safe in their crate and that you will return and care for them. Would you like for us to send you information on crate training?
8. Would you like us to send you information on puppy proofing your home?
9. Do you have a yard?
If so, Is your yard or a portion of your yard, securely fenced?
10. Do you have a pool?
10. Do you have a pool?
If you have a pool, is it securely fenced? *Most French bulldogs can’t swim but like to THINK that they can!
14. Are you aware of the problems associated with the French bulldog breed?
15. We provide a micro chipping service for $50.00 we recommend this but it isn’t necessary for us to provide this service for you. Would you like your French bulldog microchipped??

*We keep completed Questionnaires on file for 30 days. If a deposit isn’t made within 30 days of approval a new questionnaire will need to be completed again on your return visit.

Thanks for submitting!